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Macaroni’s Bridleless Ride – June 25

Riding Macaroni Bridleless! What an amazing day! This journey has been amazing! I have learned so much. This mare has an amazing personality and is super calm. If someone were to tell me that I would be riding a rescue horse bridleless for all the rides, I would have thought they were crazy! I am so in love with this way of training!

I am training Macaroni using almost 100% positive reinforcement (R+) or clicker training. I am still learning how to be most effective and not frustrate her (which I did a LOT in the beginning, but I worked through it!). With help from Michelle Martiya, we keep doing better and better! Check out her virtual lessons/training. She can help you with ANY animal!

This evening was a the breakthrough I had been looking for. I hopped on Macaroni just as the sun set. Up until this evening, we had only gotten 6 or 7 steps forward (while riding) and then often in a circle. But this night she walked almost to the other end of the pasture and back calmly! It was amazing!

Macaroni will be available for adoption.

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Appalachian Trainer Face Off, Macaroni, Videos

Training Macaroni – 30 Day Update

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⭐️30 Day Update⭐️

Here is an update to show you what we have trained and what we are working on now. Check out our third ride! Macaroni is a 12 year old gaited mare. She is a rescue I am training for 100 days before she will be adopted out. You can sign up to adopt her here:

Adopt an ATFO Horse

I am doing the training using positive reinforcement (clicker training) rather than the normal natural horsemanship. As such, our first rides ever have been totally tackless (bridleless)! Like Ivy’s Glide Gait to follow our journey this summer. I am videoing every session!

Appalachian Trainer Face Off Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue, INC
Tinia Creamer
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Appalachian Trainer Face Off, Bridleless, Macaroni, Videos

Training Macaroni – first rides and living with Doubt

If this video inspires you or encourages you, please share so it can help other people too! Macaroni’s first and second rides have been bridleless!!! Yay!!! I am so pleased! I know an update has been a long time in coming and that is because I have been gone (unable to work Macaroni) and the hard drive that has all my footage on it from the first week crashed! Anyway, this is from last week, about our 10th and 11th day training. I am doing all (almost) positive reinforcement at the moment. That will change at some point, but I am so happy to say that our first rides have been because Macaroni has allowed me on her back! A big shout out and thanks to Michelle Martiya at @Essential Animal Training. She does virtual lessons (she’s in FL and I’m in Illinois). We watched some of my videos together and she helped work on my timing and how to avoid more frustration with Macaroni. Macaroni did great in the indoor, but now that she is out on pasture and with the other horses, she isn’t as happy to focus on me. I needed to do HIGH rates of reinforcement (feed lots of treats) and ask for simpler things. I am also struggling with self doubt. I doubt that I will know when and how to train Macaroni. I HATE deadlines, and the deadline of 100 days makes me worry that I will train fast enough and well enough with this mare. I doubt that I will know when to switch over to “regular” pressure and release training with Macaroni. BUT, I know that I will keep moving forward, even through the fear and doubt. I know that I just have to keep training and keep stepping forward and it will all come together. Pray for me, friends! Please help by sharing this video. Thanks! Appalachian Trainer Face Off, Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue, INC Tinia Creamer #HOPteamMacaroni #dontgiveup #horseadoption #ILOVEmyJob


Start to Finish – 100 days training a gaited horse VIDEO

I am a beginning a competition called the Appalachian Train

Face Off.  I will have 100 days to train a rescue horse in
prep for a competition in August.  Fun thing, the horse I
picked is a 12 year old Tennessee Walking Horse Mare!!!
So, I am video the whole process of training her.  I will be
posting updates on my Facebook Page, Ivy’s Glide Gait.
For the longer, detailed video explanations, you will have to
join my private training group on Facebook.  It costs just

Here is the first update video!

So, here we are!!! Just getting started training Macaroni,

my rescue horse in the Appalachian Trainer Face Off.
I have 100 days to work with her and then enter a competition
on her. OH, don’t forget, she is adoptable at the end of 100 days!!!
Make sure to sign up to get this amazing gaited mare at the end of summer!
So, my technique with her is way more about liberty
 and freedom than most trainers. I am going to have to use
some traditional natural horsemanship methods with her,
but I want to start out using mostly positive reinforcement,
when I can.
She is doing amazing so far!!! These videos will not
only show her progress, but will include some training
info as well!!! I am going to try to video a good percentage
of the training with her, so stay tuned!
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Bit is for the Horse’s comfort, NOT the rider’s control

Bit should be for the Horse’s comfort, NOT the rider’s control

Now, before I go too far, bitless bridles are wonderful and I truly advocate them and ride my horses bitless, but if people feel they have to use bits, here is what I believe:

The bit should be chosen for the horse’s comfort and NOT the rider’s control!

If you can’t stop or turn your horse in a snaffle, it means they need training, NOT a bigger bit!!!!

Snaffle bit I recommend

Shanked bit I recommend:
LINK (it is backordered right now)


3 Fundamentals of Gait

These are the 3 Fundamentals of how I train gaited horses to gait smoothly.

For info on head down, click here:

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below!

I also have training DVDs available here:

And a private gaited training group on facebook here:…/ser…/private-gaited-training-group/


Groundwork and Lunging the Gaited Horse – Q&A with Ivy Schexnayder

So, what kind of groundwork should you do with a gaited horse? Should you lunge a gaited horse? How often should you do groundwork? How do you connect with a new horse? I try to answer these questions in this video. Here is the ground work video with the grey mare: