Gait Analysis and Online Lessons

Gaited Horse Training Online Lesson Package – $199

6 Videos (up to two per week) between 5-10 minutes long.

Online Gaited Lessons

6 video lessons. Take a video, upload to youtube, email me the link and I will give you feedback and info on what to do next. Get your horse gaiting in as few as 4 videos!



Gait Analysis – $29.00
Video, 3 minutes or less


Gait Analysis

Take a video between 1-3 minutes long and upload to youtube. Email it to me and I will do a voice over and explain what your horse is doing and how you might get a smooth gait.



Q.  How is this different from the online gaited horse lesson?
A.  The online gaited horse lesson is for long distance training.  It is 6 videos, each video 5-10 minutes long.  The goal is to be able to coach you to get your horse to gait over 4-6 weeks.

Q.  What is the best way to film my gaited horse?
A.  Filming your gaited going around the camera person is the best.  If not that, then go forward in a straight past the camera.  Make sure if you are using a phone or tablet, that you film with your phone HORIZONTAL, not vertical.

Q.  What gaits should I show?
A.  Please show your horse at a walk and try to get your horse to do whatever gait he does normally when you ride.  Plus, going a little faster to show what he does can be helpful too.  Those are just a couple of ideas.  You are welcome to include more.

Q.  How can I submit a video?
A.  Upload to YouTube and share a link, email the video to me, or send me a dvd of the video.

Q.  Should I use different colored boots on my horse?
A.  If you have them available, yes!  For best results, if your horse is more towards the pace, then but just two of the same colored boots or wraps on the side closest to the camera, so both right legs or both left legs.  If your horse is toward the trotty side (foxtrot), then put it on a diagonal pair.  This will help you to see what your horse’s gait is, but it isn’t necessary.