These are my upcoming events.  Find out more info on how you can schedule a clinic.

Upcoming clinics and events.  More info will be added.

Palm City, Florida – January 12-14 – 3 day gaited clinic

Jacksonville, Florida – February 23-25 – 3 day gaited clinic

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – March 1-4 – Horse World Expo where Ivy will be attending as a clinician.

San Antonio, Texas – April 13-15 – 3 day gaited clinic

New York – April 27-29 – 3 day gaited clinic

Wisconsin clinic – May 4-6 – 3 day gaited clinic

Midland, Ohio – May 18-20 – 3 day gaited clinic – Happenstance Stables

2018 New York Clinic

The clinic will be 9 individual lessons, focusing on identifying the gaits, getting relaxation, and simple exercises to get the horse to gait. We will also be working on the canter for some of the horses. We will talk about saddle fit, shoeing, trims, why horses don’t gait, why you need relaxation, the different gaits, … Continue reading 2018 New York Clinic