Your communication style with people and with horses is just lovely! I’m a relatively new rider and I’m a new owner. I got my first horse almost two years ago. I was beginning to feel quite discouraged before finding your videos. I’ve taken your lessons to heart and have been doing groundwork with my Tennessee Walker, Sheldon and following your instructions for developing a relaxed, loose-rein gait for the past six weeks or so. He’s so happy! I’m so happy! I can see now when he’s engaged and actively participating vs. just doing what I ask because he’s given in. When we’re working together everything is so much better! He’s such a good boy. I love him sooo much! Thank you for what you do and how you do it! I hope some time to have the opportunity to attend a clinic with you and to thank you in person. This is a photo of Sheldon before our first trail ride last year. Out on the trail is definitely his happy place. Mine too.