Start to Finish – 100 days training a gaited horse VIDEO

I am a beginning a competition called the Appalachian Train

Face Off.  I will have 100 days to train a rescue horse in
prep for a competition in August.  Fun thing, the horse I
picked is a 12 year old Tennessee Walking Horse Mare!!!
So, I am video the whole process of training her.  I will be
posting updates on my Facebook Page, Ivy’s Glide Gait.
For the longer, detailed video explanations, you will have to
join my private training group on Facebook.  It costs just

Here is the first update video!

So, here we are!!! Just getting started training Macaroni,

my rescue horse in the Appalachian Trainer Face Off.
I have 100 days to work with her and then enter a competition
on her. OH, don’t forget, she is adoptable at the end of 100 days!!!
Make sure to sign up to get this amazing gaited mare at the end of summer!
So, my technique with her is way more about liberty
 and freedom than most trainers. I am going to have to use
some traditional natural horsemanship methods with her,
but I want to start out using mostly positive reinforcement,
when I can.
She is doing amazing so far!!! These videos will not
only show her progress, but will include some training
info as well!!! I am going to try to video a good percentage
of the training with her, so stay tuned!
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