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Macaroni’s Bridleless Ride – June 25

Riding Macaroni Bridleless! What an amazing day! This journey has been amazing! I have learned so much. This mare has an amazing personality and is super calm. If someone were to tell me that I would be riding a rescue horse bridleless for all the rides, I would have thought they were crazy! I am so in love with this way of training!

I am training Macaroni using almost 100% positive reinforcement (R+) or clicker training. I am still learning how to be most effective and not frustrate her (which I did a LOT in the beginning, but I worked through it!). With help from Michelle Martiya, we keep doing better and better! Check out her virtual lessons/training. She can help you with ANY animal!

This evening was a the breakthrough I had been looking for. I hopped on Macaroni just as the sun set. Up until this evening, we had only gotten 6 or 7 steps forward (while riding) and then often in a circle. But this night she walked almost to the other end of the pasture and back calmly! It was amazing!

Macaroni will be available for adoption.

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