It just makes so much sense!

My daughter and I love your website Her horse is a 15 year old Spotted saddle horse and he is ALL pace. Your site makes soo much more sense to us than others. We were very familiar with the pace and thought he was gaiting properly, but I kept telling her she looks to bouncy even though I wasn’t sure. The more we read/watch videos on your website, it’s like you are completely describing her horse. His previous owner had him for 6years and they were beginners also and I’ve come to think that maybe he was never trained to really know a true gait or maybe we are the ones that need the help. My daughter has never had any horse lessons we are basically just “backyard” people so to speak, lol, so I like the fact that you give good criticism on the riders without making it sound like they are doing something wrong. Her horse is great on trails and we are working on sending you a video so you can give us pointers on how to make her horse “and rider” better …….thanks so much for a great site!