Ivy’s methods really helped a new horse owner

I am very impressed with Ivy’s information that is available at her website to help us all with our horses…particularly the gaited horses as I am a new owner of a TWH mare that is step pacing instead of doing a running walk.

From her videos, I could easily see and hear the difference in these gaits and see and understand what I needed to do to help my mare back into a running walk.

I then asked her if I could ask her some more questions about the process beyond what was in the videos by phone conversation…mainly to find out IF I was on the right track as I had never ridden or even seen a gaited horse before. She patiently listened as I explained everything and again she was very helpful with some more ideas to help me help my mare.

Thank you Ivy for your patience and help. Its really nice to find someone that has the same philosophy on working with horses as I have found in the old books I learned from.

Marne ( from West Central WI)