Make each step its own reward

Make each step its own reward. What are you doing with your horse(s)? Are you making an effort to be better each time you ride? Do you enjoy the time with your horse? If you are struggling, perhaps its your perspective on what you want from your horse.

Book I quote from: Think Harmony with Horses by Ray Hunt

1 thought on “Make each step its own reward”

  1. What an absolutely fantastic video clip! Your blogs give me instant peace. The one about “love” particularly so because it reminded me of Jesus’ words “my peace I give you, not as the world gives, do I give you”. The frustration of not being where I want to be or feeling stuck for lack of guidance dissolved immediately while reading these blogs, reminding me of my original “goal” of enjoying the moment, learning in the moment, but mostly building relationship with my horse. The world of horses, it’s industry, and its ways of achievement (particularly via internet) cause me anxiety, confusion, and frustration as they show me what I’m not/what I haven’t accomplished but wish I could. The Lord is constantly bringing a voice from here or there literally whispering context of “relationship” with horses. And then I feel the burden released from my heart – amazing. “My peace I give you – not as the world gives”. Thank you and keep writing.

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