Sidepass to the Mounting Block


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This method is to show you a very fast way to train your horse to stand at the mounting block and to come to you no matter if you are on a mounting block, fence, or picnic table.  The goal of this method is to have you and the horse completely calm and relaxed throughout the whole training. 

Disc 1- 96 minutes

  • Train your horse to stand still at the mounting block
  • Watch complete training of 3 horses as they learn to sidepass to the mounting block
  • Learn what to do if you horse starts dancing around

Disc 2 – 65 minutes

  • Watch 3 more horses learn to sidepass and stand still
  • Learn problem solving when a horse is very calm and doesn’t want to move.

Mounting your horse is one of the most vulnerable moments when you ride.  Use these techniques to stay safe and also to impress your friends!!!  Watch these horses calmly learn to step over in just 3 short sessions (or less)!!!

Safest way to mount your horse!

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