Become a Better Rider DVD


SKU: become-a-better-rider-dvd


Learn how to have a more balanced seat, great hand position, and how to keep a correct upright position.  

This video includes easy exercises you can do at home, on your own to become a more balanced rider and have a more secure seat.  These seven exercises help you to be a better rider no matter what discipline you are in.


“I have struggled to have a better seat and these are some of the best exercises that I have found to help any rider get the ideal, balanced seat.”  Ivy Schexnayder

You will learn how to:

  • Carry your hands in the correct position

  • Hold your head and shoulders up but relaxed

  • Keep your legs underneath you

  • Allow your legs and body to be relaxed while riding

  • Sit “deeper” in the saddle with one simple exercise

  • Test yourself to see if you are in correct alignment

Runtime: 43 minutes


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