Hosting a clinic

I do 3 day clinics, usually Friday – Sunday. 

It is a clinic with 9 horses and riders

Each horse and rider gets a 55 minute lesson, individual lesson each day and gets to watch and interact during the other lessons as well. 

This works better than group lessons because everyone gets individualized attention and can work on what they need to.  I spend time riding the horse early in the clinic and later transition to giving the rider a lesson on their horse.

This works amazingly well!!! By the end of the clinic, most times, every horse is gaiting like a champ with his rider!  Everyone has really loved this format!

It is a very interactive clinic, with lots of Q&A from riders and auditors.

We can work on gaiting, cantering, dressage, obstacles, standing to mount, side passing, dressage, trick training, liberty training.   But mainly we work on gaiting. 

It is $1,000 for each horse and rider (scholarships available).  If you host and I don’t pay a barn/venue fee, you ride for free (if the clinic is full).  If you host and I pay for the barn, then you ride for $500.  Prices subject to change for 2024

We need an indoor arena. Or one available as a backup in case of bad weather.  I will pay no more $300/day for an arena.  We need stalls for horses to stay that are coming from out of town.  We need room for trailers to park.  We also need a road or driveway to ride on to work on the gait.  Paved or dirt is better than gravel.  

Auditors are welcome to come for a fee.  

I pay for my own travel expenses and the host provides lodging.  Often just a spare room or camper or something like that.  

There isn’t a sit down lunch and usually the host provides a small lunch for me and my husband.

You can offer lunches for a fee or have everyone bring their own lunches.

Often there is a potluck Friday or Saturday or we all go out to eat on Friday or Saturday, but this is optional.