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What to write in a review

Start writing a review by creating a plan. This way you will express your thoughts sequentially, and the final text will be logical and structured.

The general outline of the review looks like this:

  • hat;
  • The relevance of research;
  • practical significance;
  • evaluation of the content of the work;
  • positive sides;
  • shortcomings and mistakes;
  • conclusion and recommendations for assessment. 

Experts at have already figured out how to style the profile header. Next, we will analyze what to write in the rest of the review.

Relevance is a concise statement of the relevance of your term paper written in the introduction. Make 2-3 sentences that succinctly describe the relevance of your project from the point of view of a professional reviewer.

Scientific novelty and practical significance are not indicated in all reviews. Most often, this section is included in reviews of projects that are devoted to the study of applied processes. If the conclusions and suggestions of your course work are applicable in practice, be sure to include this information in the review.

For example, the topic of the term paper: 

"Development of a mobile application to improve personal efficiency in the enterprise."

Write in your review:

Research conducted by a student proves that using a mobile app can improve employee performance. Thus, to increase productivity, it is possible to use this application in small and medium-sized enterprises as part of the experiment. "

Evaluation of the content of work includes the following parameters:

  • text formatting;
  • completeness of the study;
  • arguments;
  • sources;
  • presentation style;
  • literacy;
  • bibliographic list;
  • illustrations, tables and additional materials.

In this part, write 1–2 paragraphs with general characteristics of the text. Note the extensive base of the sources studied, the scientific style of presentation and the amount of research conducted. Indicate that the structure of the work meets the set goal and solves the tasks indicated in the introduction. Here, mention that the course work was completed without errors, and additional materials help to understand the topic.

The positive aspects of the course work deserve special attention. You will need to look at research from a new angle and identify its strengths. Remember that you are writing on behalf of someone who has reviewed many student papers.

Highlight 2-3 strong points and describe them in academic language. You can use standard phrases:

  • the student has done serious work, namely ...;
  • analyzed a large amount of data;
  • the analysis was carried out carefully, this can be seen from the final conclusions;
  • it is worth noting the volume of the studied sources, etc.

Research flaws are the most difficult section of the text says experts from You will have to find weaknesses in the course project that will not affect the final grade for the work. To make it easier to criticize your own work, look at the problem from the positive side.

An analysis of weaknesses will allow:

  • find out the weak points of the coursework before the defense;
  • prepare for the questions of the teacher and the commission;
  • find research strengths that overcome weaknesses.

The remarks can also be formulated as wishes for the future. For example, you can make recommendations to study a particular aspect of the study more thoroughly in future work.

Conclusion and recommendations for evaluation are usually formulated in one sentence. Check with your instructor for what grade the course work is applying for. He knows better the criteria by which such studies are judged.

As a rule, standard phrases are used to conclude a review:

  • The work took place and deserves an excellent mark.
  • The applicant earned the highest score.
  • The score can be excellent, provided the work is adequately protected.

At the end of the review, write the scientific title of the reviewer, his full name and the date of writing the text. Leave some space for a signature. In order not to be mistaken in the formulation of a scientific degree, check the data of the teacher at the department. The form of presentation of the reviewer differs depending on the institution.

If you are tired and cannot cope with all the backlog of tasks, do not panic. The team of professional authors is ready to write term papers to order and prepare all additional materials in the shortest possible time.

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