Train a Smooth Gait 3 DVD set


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Train a Smooth Gait – Volume I:

This dvd is to help all gaited horse owners who want a smooth gait on the trail.  It doesn’t matter what breed you have, your horse can learn to do a smooth gait on a loose rein. 

This dvd includes footage of training with different breeds of horses:

  • Tennessee Walk Horse

  • Rocky Mountain Horse

  • Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse

  • Missouri Foxtrotter

  • Paso Fino 

I use slow motion to point out what feet to watch. 

Learn how to tell what gait your horse is doing. 

Find out what a stepping pace is and why it isn’t the correct gait.

Learn how to get your horse to relax before you start training a smooth gait.

I explain how to use poles to get your pacey horse smooth.

Exercises to train your horse to drop his head and relax!

Click here to watch video Excerpts

70 Minutes Long


Train a Smooth Gait – Volume II:

Have you ever wanted to see exactly what training a pacey horse to gait looks like?  Now you can. In this dvd, I show you the complete training, from bumpy to smooth with a 12 year old Rocky Mountain gelding. 

I explain what I am doing as I train this horse over 7 days.  I mainly use the ground poles, so can see how I use them and important things to know when working with a pacey horse. 


130 Minutes Long


Ride along lessons III

In this 125-minute ride-along video, Ivy will show you a unique perspective from a helmet

GoPro camera as she rides seven different naturally gaited horses: a Kentucky Mountain 

horse, a McCurdy Plantation horse, a Rocky Mountain horse, a Missouri Foxtrotter, a 

Spotted Saddle horse, and two Tennessee walking horses.

You’ll learn how to:

~ Work with the trotty gaited horse

~ Work with the pacey gaited horse

~ Use your seat to get a more consistent gait

~ Train your horse to gait faster

~ Begin to recognize different gaits by how they sound and appear


Ride Along Lesson:

Fine Tuning the Pacey Horse

(30 minutes)

Total Runtime: 2 hours



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