Ride Along Lessons for the Gaited Horse DVD


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This is a companion video to Train a Smooth Gait DVD Volume I

In this 125-minute ride-along video, Ivy will show you a unique perspective from a helmet

GoPro camera as she rides seven different naturally gaited horses: a Kentucky Mountain

horse, a McCurdy Plantation horse, a Rocky Mountain horse, a Missouri Foxtrotter, a

Spotted Saddle horse, and two Tennessee walking horses.

You’ll learn how to:

~ Work with the trotty gaited horse

~ Work with the pacey gaited horse

~ Use your seat to get a more consistent gait

~ Train your horse to gait faster

~ Begin to recognize different gaits by how they sound and appear


Ride Along Lesson:

Fine Tuning the Pacey Horse

(30 minutes)

Total Runtime: 2 hours


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